Getting Started with PointPredictive

Welcome! You will find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Point Predictive APIs as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck.

About Point Predictive

PointPredictive Inc. is a leading provider of fraud solutions to banks, lenders and finance companies. It solves the billion-dollar fraud problems of auto lending, mortgage lending and online retail fraud with the latest technology platforms, smarter science and business experience by leveraging big data with analytic models.
PointPredictive also provides fraud consulting and advisory services to banks to help them manage fraud prevention, detection and recovery strategies.

We focus on helping our clients leverage their data in combination with powerful industry fraud consortium data to mine historical fraud patterns and build production-ready models. Our expertise is in predictive science. We make our clients’ customer application process smarter using the latest technology and science to reduce fraud and minimize the risk of EPD. We are fraud focused. Our fraud scientists create predictive scoring solutions built with machine learning to enable you to target hidden fraud so you can improve your lending profitability.

Located in San Diego, Calif., more information about PointPredictive can be found at